An Introvert's Challenges and Strengths

In a world where extroversion is celebrated, admired and coveted - especially in the employment realm because they are seen as "go getters" - where does that leave the introverts? There's often a misunderstanding of what being an introvert means and that could affect the decisions of job seekers, employees and employers. Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D., breaks down the world of introverts and the areas in which they actually thrive, as well as their struggles to land a job or fit into a company's culture. She also tells Tim Muma about some important keys that people across the employment spectrum should take away considering introverts potentially make up around half of the world's population.

Podcast Series: Life vs. Work
Life vs. Work examines the delicate balance of running a business while ensuring the satisfaction of employees and management. From home life to health to time constraints, we consider what measures can be taken to understand the human side of human resources - and still be productive.